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The 2023 Grooming Centre University Grant Scheme

26th June – 8th September 2023

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The University Grant Scheme

The Governing Council and Management of Grooming People for Better Livelihood Centre (Grooming Centre), a leading Microfinance Institution in Nigeria, are pleased to announce the 2023 Grooming Centre University Grant Scheme. The aim of the scheme, which is the fifth in the series, is to catalyze research and knowledge development in the areas of Microfinance, rural development, inclusive finance, social enterprise, MSME and women in development.

Chairman's Quote

As part of our commitment to lead research in knowledge development and management, Grooming People for Better Livelihood Centre is providing incentives to Undergraduates and Post Graduates to undertake research in all facets of inclusive finance, social enterprise, innovation and poverty alleviation.
We encourage Nigerian Tertiary Institution students to take advantage of the novel opportunity this Grooming Centre University Grant scheme provides in developing themselves and the sector.
Dr. Godwin Nwabunka CEO/Founder, Grooming Centre.


The 2023 University Grant will be awarded to 100 undergraduate and 50 post graduate students who are presently carrying out their research studies in the areas of either Microfinance, rural development, inclusive finance, social enterprise, MSME and women in development.




Post Graduates

Method of Application

All entries must be submitted in soft copy via the application page on this website.

Download the Application Abstract

The abstract guide gives you a clear format to structure your research application document. Follow the abstract in your research application document.

Qualification Requirements

How to Qualify

1. Application Requirement

  • The applicant must be either a student at the postgraduate or undergraduate level in a Nigerian tertiary institution whose research study is in the area of Microfinance, rural development, inclusive finance, social enterprise, MSME and women in development.

2. Research Areas

  • The focus of the research study must be relevant to the Nigerian context, practical, innovative and should be capable of promoting any of the above areas of interest, in the Nigerian space.

3. Competence

  • The research must show a high level  of originality, imaginative thought and be data inclusive.
  • (There are no age, gender, religious or ethnic barriers to application).

4. Academic Requirement

  • The applicant must be a student at an NUC/ NBTE approved Nigeria university or polytechnic.
  • The applicant must submit a written and signed recommendation from his/her project supervisor.

5. Submission Process

  • The applicant must submit a research concept of between10-15 pages which will include an introduction, literature review, research methodology including references and a page of candidate’s personal profile. The candidate will also submit a final soft copy of the research project on completion of the study. (See Abstract for Guide).

6. Opening & Closing Dates

  • Submission opens on the 26th of June 2023 and closes on 18th August 2023

About Grooming Centre

Grooming Centre is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in December 2006, and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Certificate Number CAC/IT/NO 24198, to address the near absence of financial services to the large population of economically active poor people engaged in small trading and micro productive activities in many parts of Nigeria.

The Centre is the result of the strong commitment of a group of microfinance practitioners to building a vibrant and high growth organization that will play a leading role in improving access to financial services for the poor. It is a membership organization which implements a radical action programme through a range of financial services delivered to the door-step of its members.

Grooming Centre is a national institution with an international perspective and is dedicated to mobilizing resources and offering financial services to the entrepreneurial poor that have little or no access to conventional forms of financial services.

The Centre operates as a viable institution by hinging its services and operations on global best practice approaches perfected by ASA Bangladesh, a global market leader in providing microfinance services and introduced to Nigeria through the UNDP assisted MicroStart programme.

Our Vision

To become a leading player in the microfinance market in Nigeria by rapidly expanding our market coverage on sustainable basis and creating comparative wealth for our members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the economically active poor by taking a range of tailor made microfinance services to their door step using globally tested best practice methodologies.

Our Past Winners

The Grooming Centre University Grant Scheme has funded hundreds of candidate projects and research in our previous editions

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